Chronicle Games
Based in Manila,PH

Release date:
May, 2019

PC, Mac, Linux, Switch(tentative)

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Miscreation is a game about evolution. You start with a basic creature, which will evolve through dozens of forms — some good, some bad. As you play, you’ll find hundreds of different parts, which can be put together in any combination. See a monster you like? Try to become it. Prefer that monster with spider legs and a pitcher plant mouth? You can do that, too.

This game was inspired by a SNES classic, E.V.O.: The Search for Eden. Even today, E.V.O. is still a beloved classic, played by speedrunners and nostalgic 80s kids. It also helped inspire Spore designer Will Wright. But its core idea — evolving the player creature by swapping out body parts one at a time — was never used by another game. Our aim is to change that!


  • A unique evolve system to build your own creature
  • Try out body parts like a scorpion tail, a geoduck head, elephant's trunk, or eagle's wings!
  • Negotiate tricky levels by picking and choosing parts


The world of Miscreation takes place in grand Yggdrasil, the world tree. It is here that new life is born. And so does your journey — as a significantly less grand blob of yellow protoplasm.

You first encounter the Norns: three wise and ancient goddess. They will help you find your next form. To do so, you need to find Essences, distilled information from various creatures. Each Essence you acquire gives access to new parts. As you start your journey, Essences can be found dangling in the sky, beneath the outer roots of Yggdrasil, and guarded by the legendary squirrel, Ratatoskr. Win all three of these and you can begin climbing the tree as a new, evolved creature!


Miscreation - an evolving platformer game! YouTube


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Chris Morrison
Producer, Lead Designer

Felix Palabrica
Lead Developer

Jhulian Gutierrez
Senior Artist, Designer

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